Divorce, custody and Family Law

One of the hardest decisions anyone may ever have to make is seeking a divorce.  However, if that time has, or should come, you need the experience of a caring attorney to guide you through the process. Divorce and family law in South Carolina isn't something you can trust to inexperience.  It's your future, and you need to have confidence that your attorneys will act in your best interest. Getting things done right now will protect you from future legal concerns that you thought were behind you. 

Divorce can be difficult.  Contact us to help you through the process. At The Byrholdt Drawdy Law Firm we will aggressively fight for your legal rights to help you get through the hard times and uncertainty brought on by a divorce, child custody, and property settlements.  We help you to make the best of the stressful legal situations that occur during your initial case and afterward. It is our hope that by resolving the legal issues you are facing, we can make your life more predictable and certain. Contact us today so we can go to work for you. 

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