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Often times we forget the importance of having our important affairs in order. Not having a plan in the area of Wills and Probate matters puts your loved ones at the discretion of the court.  At our firm we are ready to help you in probate matters, estate planning, trusts, and wills.  The loss of a loved one can be difficult enough, but often times just navigating through the probate process can be most overwhelming. At the Byrholdt / Drawdy Law, we have the experience, understanding, and compassion to take the burden of probate off your mind.  Don’t let the probate process add to an already difficult time.

Protect your assets.  Consider a Living Trust & Estate Planning.  Call the Byrholdt / Drawdy Law Firm  today for a free consultation to see if a Trust will work for your. When it comes to the estate planning, trusts, and wills most people don’t realize that it is not just for the wealthy or the elderly.  

Putting yourself in control of how your assets are divided up after you die is something that you should do in order to save your family excessive taxes, legal fees, legal battles, probate problems, and family fights. Why not contact us today for a free consultation. 

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